This is CZdirect 

Competitively priced health insurance that will make every wallet happy. But also excellent service and over 20 extra benefits. That’s CZdirect, CZ’s online health insurance.
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Find out if CZdirect is right for you

  • want to save on their health insurance
  • but also want CZ’s tried and trusted service
  • want to manage their policy and healthcare online
  • only want cover for the most popular additional healthcare
  • are fine with going to a contracted healthcare provider
  • as long as they can go to any hospital in the Netherlands

Affordable with the advantages of CZ

CZdirect is part of CZ. With 1 general insurance policy, 5 additional insurance packages and 2 dental insurance packages, CZdirect makes health insurance easy to navigate.

The general insurance policy is also very straightforward. It provides 100% reimbursement when you go to a healthcare provider who has a contract with us and 65% when you go to a non-contracted healthcare provider.

The additional insurance packages cover only the most popular additional healthcare options, such as physiotherapy, glasses and dental check-ups. This is what keeps your premium down. Our additional insurance packages start from as little as €2 per month. And you still get CZ’s excellent service and free extra benefits.

Here’s what customers say on Independer

'CZdirect had the best value for money rating on Independer. I also had direct contact with CZ and the service was outstanding.' (Anonymous, 3 June 2021)

'I opted for CZdirect, it was all done online and the insurance card was delivered quickly. You get all the information about your policy online and it is good and conveniently arranged.' (Anonymous, 21 December 2020)

'The switch to CZdirect was arranged perfectly — quick, clear and easy. I’m really pleased with it. Great job.' (Anonymous, 13 December 2020)

Switching is easy

Switching really couldn’t be any simpler: choose a package, check your premium, and submit your request. We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even cancel your old policy for you. Does that sound good?
Choose your health insurance
  • We take care of the switch
  • Online for maximum convenience
  • 14-day cooling-off period

Frequently asked questions

No, that’s not possible unfortunately. If you go for a CZdirect general insurance policy, you can only choose CZdirect additional insurance packages and dental insurance packages.

Yes, you have freedom of choice. Do bear in mind, however, that CZdirect’s general insurance policy only covers healthcare for the full 100% if you go to a healthcare provider who has a contract with us. If you choose a healthcare provider with whom we don’t have a contract, you will get 65% of the invoice reimbursed, but not more than the maximum reimbursement. Luckily, CZdirect has contracts with all hospitals in the Netherlands and 45,000 other healthcare providers, so you will always find a contracted healthcare provider near where you live.

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