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Well insured for a competitive premium? Choose CZdirect

At CZdirect, you can have both (and more). Choose an affordable premium, good reimbursements, online convenience and service from CZ.

CZdirect, the competitively priced online health insurance

Frequently asked questions

If you choose CZdirect, you can rely on the excellent service and benefits of CZ. But there are also a few key differences. For example, CZdirect doesn’t offer a refund policy, while CZ does. With a refund policy, reimbursement of healthcare under the general insurance policy is not subject to whether or not your healthcare provider has a contract with the health insurer for your treatment. Take a look at the differences and find out what’s right for you (in Dutch).

CZdirect is online health insurance. This means that you will be managing most of it yourself online. That’s what makes this insurance cheaper. CZdirect and CZ also have slightly different additional insurance packages. At CZdirect, additional insurance packages start from as little as €2 per month. And you still get the good service and advantages of CZ.

CZdirect will let you manage a lot of things yourself online on the 'Mijn CZ' platform. Whether you need to change something or check how much you’ll get reimbursed, you do it all online. Submitting a claim is really fast with the ';CZ app'. And you can also arrange your healthcare online. Use the 'App de verpleegkundige' app if you have questions about your health or order your medication from an online pharmacy. That said, you don’t have to do everything online. You can, of course, also go to your local pharmacy. If you have any questions, call, chat with, or text our Customer Services. We’d be happy to help you.

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