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The new premium for 2023 is €128.30

At CZdirect, you can get health insurance for as little as €128.30 a month in 2023 (with a deductible of €385), and additional insurance starting at €1.25

CZdirect, the competitively priced online health insurance

General insurance starting from €108.30 (€885)

A general insurance policy provides good cover for the main types of healthcare you receive, such as from your general practitioner, the hospital and the pharmacy. Every general insurance policy offers the same reimbursements, so why pay extra? At CZdirect, you can get a general insurance policy for as little as €128.30 a month, with a deductible of €385. And we can make it even cheaper for you. If you choose a deductible of €885, we will give you a €20 discount on your monthly premium. Your premium will then be €108.30.

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Our customers are satisfied

  • Quick, clear and proper assistance.

    Erik, Helmond, 10 januari 2022
  • All arrangements made instantly online. Paperless and quick communications through different channels.

    Arne, Eindhoven, 16 maart 2022
  • Very fast payment. Satisfied with CZdirect.

    Rita, Amersfoort, 14 september 2022
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Switching is easy

Switching really couldn’t be any simpler: choose a package, check your premium, and submit your request. We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even cancel your old policy for you. Does that sound good?

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  • We will cancel your current insurance policy
  • Online for maximum convenience
  • 14-day cooling-off period

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