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Well insured for a competitive premium? Choose CZdirect

At CZdirect, you can have both (and more). Choose an affordable premium, good reimbursements, online convenience and service from CZ.
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CZdirect, CZ’s competitively priced online health insurance

Here's why you should choose CZdirect

  • Coverage for the most popular healthcare options at a competitive price
  • Additional insurance starting at €1.00
  • Manage your health insurance and healthcare online
  • You may visit every hospital in the Netherlands
  • Enjoy more than 20 extra benefits
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About CZdirect

CZdirect is part of CZ. Fully online and therefore very affordable. It’s also nice and compact with 1 general insurance policy, 5 additional insurance packages and 3 dental insurance packages. But it still has CZ’s tried and trusted service.

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