Here’s why you should choose CZdirect for 2024

Competitively priced additional insurance packages

You can go to any hospital in the Netherlands

You get CZ’s tried and trusted service

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CZdirect health insurance

CZdirect general insurance policy

Save up to €180 with a higher deductible

On top of the compulsory deductible of €385, you can opt to have an extra voluntary deductible up to a maximum of €885. If you do so, your premium of the general insurance will be €125.50 per month.

CZdirect additional insurance packages

Get extra cover at a competitive premium, from the contraceptive pill to physiotherapy. Cover for emergency care worldwide and for dental care following an accident is always included.

CZdirect dental insurance policies

With our competitively priced dental insurance, you are covered for check-ups, fillings and other treatments.

Practical additional benefits included with your health insurance

  • Get advice from a nurse fast
  • A skin scan using SkinVision
  • Quickly find a healthcare provider near you
  • Discounts on glasses, sports equipment and more

"As it turns out, CZdirect is still the best choice for us"

"We have been satisfied with CZdirect for many years already. To keep up to date, we compared them to other health insurers again this year. As it turns out, CZdirect is still the best choice for us."

Mary - - 18 November 2020

Switching is easy

Switching really couldn’t be any simpler: choose a package, check your premium, and submit your request. We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even cancel your old policy for you. Does that sound good?

Choose your insurance policy now
  • We take care of the switch
  • Online for maximum convenience
  • 14-day cooling-off period

Want even more cover?

Do you want free choice for most healthcare providers? Or extra reimbursements for physiotherapy or orthodontic care? You might find just what you need among the CZ insurance packages.

Take a look at the CZ packages

Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose CZdirect, you can rely on the excellent service and benefits of CZ. But there are also a few key differences. For example, CZdirect doesn’t offer a refund policy, while CZ does. With a refund policy, reimbursement of healthcare under the general insurance policy is not subject to whether or not your healthcare provider has a contract with the health insurer for your treatment. Take a look at the differences and find out what’s right for you (in Dutch).

No, that’s not possible unfortunately. If you go for a CZdirect general insurance policy, you can only choose CZdirect additional insurance packages and dental insurance packages.

Yes, absolutely. When you take out ‘CZdirect’ insurance, you are free to use all the services CZ offers, such as:

  • free products for informal caregivers
  • personal maternity advice
  • convenient healthcare apps that let you chat with a nurse, detect possible skin cancer early, and more
  • free advice from independent medical experts
  • advice on a second opinion or waiting list mediation

Do you have any questions? Please contact our customer service.