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Here’s why you should choose CZdirect for 2021

  • 5 competitively priced additional insurance packages
  • You can go to any hospital in the Netherlands
  • You get CZ’s tried and trusted service
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Discount up to €240 with a higher deductible

Besides the €385 compulsory deductible, you can opt to add a higher deductible. With a deductible of €885, the premiums for your general insurance policy are just €96.95 per month. That makes a big difference! Would you like to know how much you can save?

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Compare the 5 different CZdirect additional insurance packages

Get extra cover at a competitive premium, from the contraceptive pill to physiotherapy. Cover for emergency care worldwide and for dental care following an accident is always included.

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Compare the CZdirect dental insurance policies

With our competitively priced dental insurance, you are covered for up to €250 per year for check-ups, fillings and other treatments.

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Practical additional benefits included with your health insurance

  • Get advice from a nurse fast
  • A skin scan using SkinVision
  • Help losing weight with Get Fit
  • Quickly find a healthcare provider near you
  • Discounts on glasses, sports equipment and more

"As it turns out, CZdirect is still the best choice for us"

"We have been satisfied with CZdirect for many years already. To keep up to date, we compared them to other health insurers again this year. As it turns out, CZdirect is still the best choice for us."

Mary - - 18 November 2020

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  • 14-day cooling-off period
  • Children up to the age of 18 co-insured free of charge
  • We will cancel your current insurance policy for you

Want even more cover?

If you would prefer having full freedom of choice, or would like additional cover for things like physiotherapy or orthodontic care, you might find just what you need among the CZ insurance packages.

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