CZdirect dental insurance

Take out dental insurance and avoid huge dental bills. You will get reimbursement for check-ups, fillings, crowns, bridges and more.

The advantages of our dental insurance

  • Your teeth are insured for a small fee
  • Children under 18 are co-insured free of charge
  • You never pay a deductible for care covered under the dental insurance package

Additional benefits with CZdirect

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Additional insurance starting at €1

You can be well-insured for unexpected costs for as little as €1 per month.

It’s easy to switch to CZdirect

Switching to CZdirect is a breeze. Simply compare our packages, pick the one that suits you and we’ll take it from there.

Choose your health insurance
  • 14-day cooling-off period
  • Children up to the age of 18 co-insured free of charge
  • We will cancel your current insurance policy for you

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