'CZdirect' general insurance policy

CZ's competitively priced online health insurance. You can be assured of a competitive premium and excellent service.

At a glance

  • 100% reimbursement when using contracted healthcare providers who have a contract with us for your treatment
  • 65% reimbursement when using healthcare providers who do not have a contract with us for your treatment
  • CZ has contracts with over 45,000 healthcare providers in the Netherlands. There is always a contracted healthcare provider near you
  • CZ’s tried and trusted service

Cover under the general insurance policy

Although all general insurance policies in the Netherlands cover the same healthcare, you pay less with 'CZdirect' because you arrange everything directly online and your reimbursement for care provided by a non-contracted healthcare provider is lower.

Choice of over 45,000 healthcare providers

We have contracts with nearly all healthcare providers in the Netherlands. Using a healthcare provider who has a contract with us for the healthcare or treatment you need has plenty of advantages.

Reimbursement for contracted healthcare providers

We will reimburse 100% of the contracted rate.
  • You are assured of getting excellent care
  • You can see the healthcare provider quickly
  • No need to pay up front: CZ will pay the healthcare provider directly

Reimbursement for non-contracted healthcare providers

We will reimburse 65% of the bill up to a maximum of 65% of the average agreed rate.
  • No agreements with us on quality
  • No agreements with us on how quickly you can be seen
  • You need to pay the bill up front and then submit a claim


For much of the healthcare reimbursed under the general insurance policy, you need to pay the first €385 yourself before you qualify for reimbursement of costs. This is called the compulsory deductible. You can also opt to have a voluntary deductible - increasing your total deductible up to a maximum of €885 in total - in which case your premiums will be lower. But you will have to pay more if you do run up healthcare bills.

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If you would prefer having full freedom of choice, or would like additional cover for things like physiotherapy or orthodontic care, you might find just what you need among the CZ insurance packages.

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